Hye guys, SolZen here, I know I haven't been on the Wiki that often but I have School to deal with at the moment. But that's not what I'm here for. If you don't know I am the founder of Super Robot Fanon Wiki. Over on the Ultra Fan Wiki, we've had some Fan Cross over events, the Darkness War, Dimensional Clash which is some of my favorite work, but also now UltraFan Mashup, a series involving many of the fanmade Ultras there. Now I wish to do something similar again, but this time with Super Robots. The event is called the Third Galactic Robot War and it involves you guys creating your own Super Robots to be characters in it.

I've already made a post on UltraFan Wiki, but I wanted to also share the new here. For more information, check out the blog here . Also don't forget to vote on the polls.

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