I am making this blog for one reason, certain anonymous users (and though I say that I suspect it's one person) don't seem to understand something.

Several pages, Lidorias, Zazahn, Melba and Lagoras keep getting the First Kaiju category put on them, and then Admins like myself and Amir, have to take them off. To help deal with this I've done two things. The first is to protect those pages from Anons, the second is this blog, wherein I explain why those pages don't qualify.

It's easy to guess why someone thinks those pages qualify for first Kaiju, they are about kaiju that appeared in the first episode of a series. This is wrong, appearing in the first episode, has little to do with why something is called a First Kaiju.

The First Kaiju is the first Kaiju or Seijin to appear in a series, the first one TO BE SEEN by the audiance, the first one to have its existence known to US the audiance, visually. Before Litra appeared in Ultra Q we saw Gomess. Before Melba was even mentioned we saw Golza, Lagoras appeared AFTER Grangon. It may have been less than a second apart but Takkong arose out of the water before Zazahn, so the seaweed monster is not a First Kaiju.

Windam is also not the first Kaiju, because Alien Cool appeared on a monitor before he was first summoned. Cool was seen BEFORE Windam.

When using a category and you see it get taken off, maybe you should go and read that category's description instead of repeating your mistake. Someone once said, 'it's only a mistake if you don't learn from it'. Someone else also once said 'insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result each time'. Make of that what you will...

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