Darkergale fullbody scan

At long last we finally have a full body image of Darker Gale/Dark Lugeil/Dark Rugeil.

As you guys can see he does look a lot like Armored Darkness, so that Armored Darkness/Alien Empera theory is not out of the race as of yet.

Ginga Rugeil Clash scan
Also, here is another picture... You can clearly see Ginga and Darker Gale using tridents, my theory, those are the transformed Ginga and Darkness Sparks, but there is no confirmation right now.

Until later news...

SolZen321 (talk) 22:30, November 26, 2013 (UTC)

Hey guys this update is in response to something said on Apexz's blog, where he suspected that Hikaru's grandad may be the host of Darker Gale. Having watched episode 7 subbed I now have my own theories to put forward.

Mainly it goes back to my theories about the Ginga Spark. What if Ginga is the manifestation of the Spark's consciousness in some form, okay now what if that's the same situation with Darker Gale, hence why he would need a host. That idea aside, let us remember that we never saw how Darker Gale's and Ginga's first battle at the end of the Dark Spark War ended. We have always assumed that Ginga lost, but what if it was a tie and both combatants were turned into dolls, this would explain why Darker Gale would need a host. The fact that Hikaru's grandad is seen helping everyone by giving them Spark Dolls hints that if he is the host he is an unknowing and/or unwilling one.

Also Alien Nackle said at the end of Episode 7 that the master of the dark forces atually was in the school itself, giving more credit to the idea.

SolZen321 (talk) 20:01, December 8, 2013 (UTC)

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