Ginga Villain Promo

Ginga Villain With the Darkness Spark

In the latest promo's for the series, we get the first shot of the wielder of the Darkness Spark. He is shown to be in a vision to Hikaru to be in combat with Ultraman Ginga who was the owner of the Ginga Spark.

It was also confirmed that Alien Valkie will be his lackie.

What do you guys think about him, what expectations or theories do you guys have? Me, I can't say but he reminds me of Alien Empera but that it stretching it, all we can see is shadows. That red light in his chest is very interesting as well, perhaps another evil Ultra...? It's all speculation at this point.


Alien Empera

Darkness Spark Emperor

Okay, just read over Nihon Hero on facebook that this guy is suppose to be Alien Empera's new form. Appearantly Armored Darkness was a data collector for when the Emperor revived, gathering Data from everyone he possessed and when he was possesed by Belial and fought Zero, Armored Darkness had enough Data to reconstruct him. Due to the data collected his form has changed giving him a color timer sort of light and zero slugger shaped crest etc. How much of this is true is anyone guess but it sounds interesting what do you guys think...?

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