On our site our most serious and immediate problem comes int the form of Griefers. For those who don't know it's a term from Minecraft, it basically means any sort of vandal, a person who actively destroys, defaces people's hard work, therefor causing them grief from the loss. Here I'm using it to refer to people who come on our site and erase data, place false information, add inappropriate categories or just place any sort of graffiti on our site.

Now this Blog is not the end all of law for these crimes, the other admins are free to agree and disagree and punishments and the information will be adjusted to suit.

Also note that these are guidelines for you all to follow than written in stone rules, but if you do commit any of the following, these are the kind of responses you can expect.

Levels of Vandalism

  • Level 1: This is the adding of inappropriate categories, like adding Ultraman Gaia Kaiju to a Kaiju/Ultra/Seijin/Character who only appeared in the Showa Era. Personally I will not immediately block you for this, I will look and determine from my own common sense if you meant malice or if you just the wrong thing, like the Super Monster Kaiju on the Izenborg Kaiju page. For those that don't know Attack of the Super Monster is the name of the America dub/compilliation of the Izenborg series, but we already have Izenborg Kaiju. If, however, I cannot find a way to explain your behavior, I will block you, for at least one month.
  • Level 2: This can anything from nonsense on the actual pages, to multiple level 1's at once and this is far from exceusable. The punishment can range from anything from several months to an entire year.
  • Level 3: This is erasing all the information on a page, this is instant block. If something needs to be deleted, then you tell us admins. Now erasing everything doesn't mean instant block, if you erase the contents of a page that are redundant, etc, place the proper template and categories and tell us admins, we will go and check it out,of course we will check to see if the page is in need of deletion. The punishment is pending.
  • Level 4: Profanity...this is not foul language, that's another issue altogether, this is something entirely different from simple language, this is posting anything that is...disgusting and/or inappropriate for this Wiki's expected demographic. Now I expect there to be adults on this site, I also expect them to act like adults in the presence of children. To be specific, the posting of 'adult' content of any sorts on the pages, as well as making explicit and/or highly inappropriate comments towards another user is a no-no. If brought to our attention the punishment would be a permanent ban from our wiki

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