I know by now everyone should know that the passing of Ultraman Noa's power is supposed to represent the various Ultra series but did you guys notice the similarity between Noa's forms/hosts and previous Ultras.

Ultraman and Ultraman the Next/ I'm not touching this one it's basically spelt out for you.

Ultraman Nexus/ Jun Himeya/ Junis Mode -Ultraseven| A mostly red Ultra, his adventures are more serious/dark/adult and at the end of his time protecting mankind he is weakened from the injuries of his previous battles. His beam is also in an L shape.

Ultraman Nexus/ Ren Senjyu/ Junis Blue Mode - Ultraman Jack| The next ultra to appear, his adventures are generally more light hearted than the previous Ultra's. He is known for his acrobatics, often jumping up in the air. His signature attack is from a weapon fired from his outstretched arm, his attack also cuts through his opponents

Ultraman Nexus/ Komon Kazuki - Ultraman Ace| The youngster with a female partner, he looses a woman who is very close to him. At first he joins with a woman and Ultraman to gain the power of Ultra, he also defeats a great evil that was controlling and sending monsters to attack the Earth. He ends up with a light stronger then the previous Ultras'.

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