Hey guys SolZen here, now I must apologize for some false advertisement, no, science has not yet managed to create real life lightsabers (A man can still dream). That, however, is not what I want to talk about.

Recently scientists as Harvad-MIT University in the USA accidentalily discovered a 'new state of matter'. Let me explain, the problem with anything made out of light is that the light beams will just pass through each other and continue onward. The scientist accidentlly happened upon a way, to coax photons (particles of light or EM radiation in general) into interacting with each other like atoms. Now this raises the posibility of something like a lightsaber, or holograms or bridges made of light etc.

Now I wish to turn your thoughts to something else, something you shold be familiar with if you go on this Wiki (if you're new, you're excused), the Ultras, they are said to be beings of light. It all makes sense now doesn't, how some made of actual light could have physical mass, be touched and touch other objects, etc...

I still just hope a giant monster doesn't appear or alien invade etc..

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