Hey guys SolZen here, for those you who don't know I have made a new Wiki called Super Robot Fanon Wiki. If you like giant robots fighting Kaiju, Gundam, Zoids, etc this is the place to write your own fan fiction. It's new and it requires a lot of work but it'l get there.

Currently there are three series being developed on the Wiki, Tales of Rodania by me. I have also started developing Super Robot Academy and user Brian Haughton has started to develop Transformers: Delta Squad

Now two things I want to ask from the community.

1) Human Characters, I am still in the planning stage of Super Robot Academy and my other series and I am thinking about how to use human characters. In Transformers, humans have almost always been seen as the weak links in the story


Should I add Human Characters?

The poll was created at 16:48 on October 14, 2014, and so far 1 people voted.

2) Now for Tales of Rodania I need ideas for characters. So ask that you guys send some ideas.

All the character needs are...

  1. A basic design: Don't go into detail, a color scheme and any important features like a crest, wound etc
  2. Personality: Just be basic
  3. Primary Ranged Weapon: If they use one
  4. Seconday Range Weapon: If they have any
  5. Primary Close Quarters Weapon: Again a choice
  6. Special Ability or skill.

These are for characters that belong to a race I made up called Rodanians, check them out if you are interested. If you want you can give you character a backstory. Don't worry I will credit you on their page.

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