I have noticed that in several galleries, particularly those related to Ultra Zero fight, such as Ultraman Zero and Belial, there are several galleries victim to redundancy. What I mean is there are pictures, right next each other, each only seconds apart in terms of the video they were taken from and practically the same thing almost as if the gallery is trying to capture the show frame for frame. It's my opinion that this is a waste of space and efforts and I certainly hope others agree with me. Galleries full of redundant photos take away from the sense of professionalism I am sure everyone on this Wiki is striving for. To put it simply, you don't need several photos for every scene, for each scene you just need one picture that captures that moment in one shot. For example, there are several photos, frame by frame of Belial being expelled from Zero's body. That only require on shot before during and after at the most the effectively tell the story. I'm not trying to dissuade anyone from adding to wiki I simply ask that who ever they may be, that they not go overboard with what they are doing.

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