Hey guys, SolZen here and I have a question on my mind I felt like sharing with you the community.

It's about Belial, should he get a redemption arc? Now hear me out, we all know that Belial is just a Reiyonix Ultra and that his Reiyonix genes are what make him so very beligerent, but like Rei, he could potentially gain control over these violent energies.

It was established that Belial now has the mind of a Reiyonix/Raybrad, the Alien Raybrad poisoned his mind with his evil. However that doesn't mean that he has to be evil. Kate, was a Raybrad (that's what she said in the series, that's what I'm calling her) yet in her spectral form, she appears almost angelic, as a field of white light. Take note, these are the same energies that drove Rei into his berserk state, the same power Belial exhibited when he took over Zero, the same state of being, same energy as Raybrad when he first appeared. So there is no clear cut rule that states a Reinoix/Raybrad has to be evil.

With Belial, it was established that his mind was poisoned, the Belial that tried to steal energy from the Plasma Spark, hasn't been around for centuries now, most likely buried beneath the darkness of the Raybrad that is the Belial of now. So, if it were possible, for Ginga, Victory and X, to clease the Distortion, therebye removing it, can something similar not be done for Belial? Or, is he too far gone?

And, if it can be done, should it be done? While Belial is one of the few who can give Zero a run for his money, he is...getting repetitive and by that I mean, it's no longer a surprise when he appears to fight Zero, now is it?

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