Hey guys, this Blog is to ask a question I had sinced I noticed changes to the info box on the Tiga and Seven pages. I was busy with work and didn't have time to adress it but since that's over here goes.

Should the Spark Users in Ultraman Ginga be considered hosts. Now my reason for this question is simple, they didn't merge with the Ultras, of course Hikaru gets away with it since Ginga let's him use his form but there is a difference between him and other Spark Dolls.

When Hikaru and Ginga fight together, it's the same as when Ultraman Nexus or Gaia fights, the host is in control but they are being supported by the Ultra's knowledge and fighting experience (I doubt Hikaru knew how to fight before the start of the series). With the other Spark Dolls, their minds are sealed and they only use their attack, most likely, because of the Sparks they use.

Also Spark Dolls are said to be lifeforms 'whose time has stopped', time and again it has been shown that hosts exist within a quasi-dimension with the lived doll controlling the being as a puppet. That means they were just shells for the Spark user to occupy and have not really 'merged' with them as being a 'host' would imply.

Food for thought, what do you guys think, do Spark Users really count as Ultra Hosts, I think not...

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