In the 2011 Manga, Shin Hayata and his son Shinjiro Hayata bear the Ultraman Factor, that is to say, they bear the DNA of the original Ultraman himself. In a sense Shin is still Ultraman and Shinjiro (by technicality of genetics) is also the son of Ultraman in all possible forms.

I ask this question because previously when I made their pages, they were listed as Ultras and humans characters but the Ultra categories were removed. The Hayatas bear Ultra DNA, have superhuman abilities, Shinjiro can fire the Specium Ray when fully armored and in the Manga they are refered to as Earth's Ultramen and Shinjiro's armored form is known as such to the populace.

Even on the Japanese Wiki, which we take as the most credible source of information next to tsuburya, the two are listed in the Ultraman List page. So I ask the users of the Wiki Community their honest opinion, do you think the Hayatas are deserving of the category Ultras?

Also Moroboshi can stay as just a human, he has no Ultra genes to speak of... also I'm not very fond of him.

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