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Seven X and Seven, which looks more realistic and/or better to you?

Now, when I say redesigned, I don't mean from the ground up, their new suits look fine and impressive compared to the old ones. To some up what I really mean should the Showa Ultras go the direction of Ultraseven X.

Ultraseven X, as many know, is a re-imagining of Ultraseven, with differences that separate it from the other series, such as its Earth Defense force operating more like Harrison Ford's character from Blade Runner instead of more like Crew GUYS. Ultraseven was redesigned to look like a new Ultra but he was still clearly unmistakably identifiable as Ultraseven.

In my opinion the redesign (the eyes and ears, the abdominal, the enlarge shoulders, the removed gloves) served to make Seven look more like a living being as opposed to a man in a suit, more realistic, something every tokusatsu director aims for.

My real question can be split up into two parts, should the other Showa Ultras receive a similar redesign and should that be the new appearance of the Ultras from now on? It's an avid question as new Ultras are beginning to have more similarities with Ultraseven X (No gloves, no visible boots, abdominals, for example Zero and Ginga) as compared to Ultras like Seven and Ultraman. Even look at Ultraman Zero, he looks more like Seven X then his father's original design (Given how overpowered he is, it would actually make sense, LOL).

Seven Ultra X

What if all the older Ultras looked like this

Now it is obvious that many fans wouldn't like this idea but this redesign may help bring in more fans for the genre, since people outside the genre often criticize heroes like Ultraman for looking unrealistic (though they probably just think his premise is unrealistic, as if a 40M giant who has gotten around our laws of physics, needs to look like a pretty boy). Personally I am not against the idea their designs staying the same nor do strongly agree that they should change. However some changes can be made in updating the designs, such as getting rid of the visible gloves and boots since Ultras are generally accepted as having no need to be wearing clothes, save cloaks to show ranking or the Ultra Bracelet and similar objects which are for function. The Ultra Armor is their skin, so why should it look like it comes in pieces you by from a store?

So I leave you the community with three questions.

  1. Should the other Ultras be redesigned to be more like Seven X or just updated in general
  2. If yes to question one, should that new design be considered the standard design, retconning the old one
  3. Just for the sake of it who would care for an Ultraman [Any Showa Ultra]  X series, similar to Nexus and Ultraseven X (I noticed the more mature series tend to have X in the title, interesting)

That's all and save travelsSolZen321 (talk) 18:28, July 15, 2013 (UTC)

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