Hey SolZen here, I was thinking about the new ULTRAMAN manga (the one with Shinjiro Hayata) and it was stated some time back that Tsuburya wishes to turn it into an anime series. That got me thinking about Ultraman USA a short lived American cartoon series meant to be a pilot for new series (till some idiot, who will not be named dropped it for Captain &*&&*^&%... I mean Captain Planet). Ultimately than series was fun to watched and had a good premise.

The question I want to ask the Wiki is this, do you think we should get an animated Ultraman series. Since the world economic collapse many companies around the world have been struggling to stay afloat, that inculdes Tsuburya and Toho (although I'm not sure how they are doing financially right now). An modern animated series could help them get people interested the same way Ultraman Joneus did.

Of course some fans are not going to like the idea of a traditional Ultra series being animated so tell me, what do you guys think. Is it a good idea or should Ultra forever stay suitmation?

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