Hey guys, now many will be wondering why I have put this information on the wiki pages, simple. While I personally do not care for spoilers, I recognize that some people do, that said I really need to find a way to put a button to hide the history sections and warn people of the potential spoilers they hold, but I'm getting away from the point.

Spoiler Warning !

I have read ahead in the Ultraman 2011 manga, reading the raws on the internet and I have seen the latest fight in the series at the time this blog was posted. In it Shinjiro is fighting Red who is with Jack and working for some unknown individual or party. Red has taken some unknown chemical which had caused him to grow to what I estimate to be around twenty to twenty-five feet tall and was beating Shinjiro despite his armor, limiter etc. At the last moment Red, whose aggression was dramatically increased, threw Shinjiro at a mother and child resulting in him narrowly missing them by discovering he has the power to fly. Not using his Light Swords, I mean fly, just as Be MuLar appears to.

Now this brings into question something, what exactly is the limit of Shinjiro's growth, how much stronger or more accurately, just how much like the Ultras will he become. At this point its not inplausible to assume he may gain an actual Ultra form instead of just his armor (Deal with that Moroboshi! I'm sorry he really does get on my nerves, but then again he was made to so I suppose that's good writting). In the first fight it was made clear or at least heavily implied that Shinjiro is stronger than his father and all but confirmed later on in the series which is the first sign that Shinjiro's power was growing. Another is the fact that Shinjiro has gotten stronger in his fights. When he fought Bemular, his Specium ray left him drained, yet against Alien Adacic, he fired his beam, fought, taking damage, unleashed his limiter and fired another beam before finally being drained of energy, that's a very large improvement.

What do you guys think, what do you think is going to become of Shinjiro later on in the manga...?

This is rather late but it has been confirmed in the latest raw that Shinjiro can fly under his own power (he was flying outside the suit). It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Spoiler End

SolZen321 (talk) 00:08, December 9, 2013 (UTC)

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