This blog is less for actual users, and more for anonymous users, though if memory serves me correctly, it still concerns all users.

The Problem

Now I have a prior blog that is on the community messages section, that talks about Categories. This post is about a problem not discussed there.

Now you guys should know, to check the definitions of a category before you use it. If you want to see them, go to the search bar and types in "Category:[Insert Name]". Now you shouldn't decide to make a definition if you don't find one, message an admin about that problem. My issue, is when people decide to create categories. Oddly enough I find that those who do it are most often, anonymous users, which means it cannot be for the badge system.

How it is

Listen, the only people on this Wiki who should be making categories or category definitions, are Wiki Administrators. Not even normal users should be doing that, because that's something the whole community should decide. Admins can do it, because they were chosen to be leaders, to make those kind of decisions and other admins can argue with them.

When a category is created, it's definition must be decided, that's our job. Whether a new category is needed is also for us to decide. Many normal users can get away with it, you may argue, because they have admin trust. That is to say, we admins respect and agree with their decision. Yes this cause one or two problems in the past, as with admin trust we may not bother to check said user's work, but those people have earned that trust, they were not just given it. Also said users are not keen to just do something like that, which is part of why they got Admin Trust.

Final Thoughts

In the future, don't go creating new categories, especially if you don't have a user account. If you think a category should be created, talk to an admin and we will decide. Just creating a category, especially one that is redundant, or simply just unneeded, is almost as bad as vandalism.

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