No doubt many of you are aware of what I am talking about, all the anger and negativity that arose from the controversy that surrounded our split from the Tokupedia Hub. Now it came to my attention that several people were harassing Aldo due to said controversy. He is a tokupedia Admin on several of their sites, yes but let me be clear, if Aldo or any other member of the Tokupedia Hub comes on this site I expect you lot to treat them like any other user with respect.

There was a lot of negativity that I and other Admins unfortunately missed and were unable to stop from growing and I do not want such a thing to spread any further. The worse part of all of this is that Aldo was helping out on this site long before I was an admin, even long before I was a logged in user, I would see Aldo doing much neede spell checks on the pages. Think about it, Aldo was here before me, helping out, but all of a sudden he's the 'enemy'. The controversy between us and Ultraseries Wiki has nothing to do with Aldo or any of the 'lesser' Admins. It arose from a quarrel between Tsuru and Teridax and NbJammer (I hope I spelt that name correct) and last I check the brothers didn't need anyone holding their hands and helping them. They also don't need an army because as I said the 'war' is over and done with. It is over, now it is time to move on and get to doing what we've been doing before, making this Wiki the best we can, while making friends and having fun doing it.

Here on Ultra Wiki I like to describe us as democratic regime. We Admins do not HAVE to listen to the every day users' opinions but we do in the name of fairness and community and we expect that you guys act on those principles not a linch mob!

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