I write this post due to a problem, one I had once given up on trying to solve...

This was made very obvious recently (at the time of this posting) when a user posted the 'Ultraman Cosmos' category to various Ultraman Cosmos Kaiju pages. Now, this is redundant.

When I first started this type of Category it was mean to be added to other Category pages only, and only category pages, the Character pages, Kaiju and Episode pages. It was meant to be a link to those three pages for ease of finding what one is looking for. Now however, the page(s) is littered with every single page that has any thing to do with that series.

This type category is also redundant on individual pages, take Juda, he has/had Ultraman Orb and Ultraman Orb Kaiju on his page...both of which are saying the exact same thing... And it's on other pages, so many other pages. People did not understand what the Categories were for and ran with them like a plague. People, fellow users, Ultra Wiki Community...please, just...stop

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