For some time now, we've had the controversy over the spelling of Taro signature beam. This has been this way since the Storium Brace (I am not calling it Strium) and Ginga secondary form was introduced.

Since then, we have argued about the spelling for Taro's ray is, and if it applies to the Ginga form and item. Despite what people would think, on the Crunchyroll Mebius episode, Taro's beam is spelled Storium. Then we have Orb, and his Burnmite form which uses Stobium energy, a combination of the Mebium energy of Mebius and the Storium energy of Taro. The spelling of his attac/technique names, only makes sense if Taro's energy has the 'O' in it. Otherwise it would've made infinitely more sense to spell it Stebium.

The question I am thus placing to this wiki is thus, do we spell both the form/item and Taro's attack as Strium or leave that only for the Ginga form and item? Vote in the poll below.

Which do you agree with?

The poll was created at 18:10 on October 1, 2016, and so far 30 people voted.

Leave some comments below on your thoughts, or simply to say you voted.

This Poll is closed with Storium winning.