Hey guys Sol here. This isn't a theory blog this time, just...something to think about. There are a lot of things that we as fans of the Ultra series would like to see from the Ultra series for varying reasons, here are five of things I would like from the series.

The desire I have for them, goes up from five to one. Enjoy and comment about what you would like to see this year or just period.

Number 5

An Explanation for Spark Dolls:

This one...irks me. After the first Ginga series/season...Spark Dolls should not have existed, we know this because the reason they existed was because of Lugiel's curse on them through the Dark Spark. When he was defeated...the curse was lifted. Now in Ginga S...they could've explained away that Exceller created the new Spark Dolls...but no, they are clearly the same dolls from the Dark Spark War. How do I know this...? Simple Yapool, Yapool appeared in the Vakishim Doll, because he was in Vakishim when he was cursed, it is why Exceller and One-Zero were surprised by his presence.

Even worse was X, where they were OOPARTS (Pronounced O-Parts), which means 'Out Of Place ARTifacts'. Which, while a real term, effectively equated to 'yeah we don't care enough anymore to explain this'...

Number 4

A Lore Book:

...I like lore. Honestly the history of the Land of Light was interesting ever since Mebius dictated it in the Ultra Galaxy Movie (the one where Zero was introduced...). An idea of how their technology works would be cool, though I'm not holding my breathe trying to understand how that works...

Number 3

A Source Book on Ultra and Monster Biology:

As someone who has made fan pages about how their bodies operate, based upon my own head canon...yeah this would be awesome

Number 2

Another Ultrawoman:

Now to explain, I don't mean just another female Ultra, I mean an Ultrawoman, a fighter, in the two Zero movies we saw that female Ultras were in the Space Garrison as fighters. Even if it's just as a secondary fighter/supporter like Yullian...that would be fine...

Number 1

A Full Series:

I really don't need to explain this one to anyone...or at least I hope not.

That's my five, what are yours?

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