Hey guys I'm making this blog to talk about the 2011 manga's mysteries and over arcing question and desptie what people think ULTRAMAN 2011 is ultimately one big mystery. Please note, these are simply some of my own question raised from watching the series.

Shinjiro's Nature

This has been raised by Be Mular during the first fight of the series when he said that Shinjiro wasn't Shin's son. We know obviously Shinjiro is... biologically Shin's but what does that mean.

  • Shinjiro is stronger than Shin: Not confirmed but implied by Ide during the first fight.
  • What is so dangerous about his power that Be Mular wants to kill him?

Serial Killings

  • The Victims have all been critics of Rena Seyama
  • The killer is an alien
    • Alien Bris is clearly the killer but the reasons for killing them are unknown.

Criminal Organization

  • They are a criminal organization that the SSSP are trying to shut down.
  • They have been involved in human trafficing and selling people of as food to aliens such as Adacic, why they do this is unknown but Alien Adacic's race is known for being wicked.
  • Thier whereabouts are unknown but it is highly likely they are based in the alien city


  • Formerly part of an unknown organization, possibly the one above
  • He is suspected to have the Ultraman Factor which would explain how he defeated Red and that other large Alien
    • It is possible that he needs his bracelet to be so powerful, given his behavior to Red when Shinjiro met him and the fact Moroboshi said he needed someone's permission to use it. His bracelet could be a product of the research that went into creating the Suits, but being more unstable it would explain the need for permission.

Be Mular

  • Is he the same Bemular from twelve years before or a new one, it was never truly confirmed that he was truly ressurected.
    • If he is or is not the same why was he brought back to confound Earth's attempts at joining the Universal Alliance.
  • Why did he attack that plane in the beginning prologue of the manga?
    • Was Endo's wife, Rena's mother on that plane, note Endo cried when he first saw him?
  • He appears to be keeping tabs on Shinjiro's progress and movements, there is possibly a mole in the SSSP.
  • What interests does he have in Endo solving his case?
  • Who created him, where does he come from, his armor is basically a monster theme Ultraman Suit and someone to have repaired/healed his arm, even if he regrew his arm repairing his armor is not so simple.

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