I have a prior blog, asking questions and making points about the current mysteries in the Manga. To check that out go here.

Now in celebration of the Official English Manga coming out, let me revisit some of these mysteries. Spoiler warning, because I will be using stuff from the Japanese version and the Japanese Wiki.


  • It is clear that his powers are going beyond his father, given that he can now fly.
  • We still don't know specifically what is so dangerous about him, besides him just being so strong.

Serial Killings

That got solved, moving on.

The Plane Crash

At the start of the series, during the flashback (When Shinjiro was a child), we know that Bemular destroyed an airplane.

  • Why? Was it just a random act of violence or was there a target?
  • Was Seiji on that plane, hence his prostetics?
  • Was Endo's wife, Rena's mother, on that plane? I suspect this because of how he reacted to seeing Bemular

Criminal Organization

  • They have somehow remained hidden from the SSSP.
  • While it is implied that they are composed entirely of aliens from the alien cities, I have a hunch that, there are members who are human. There maybe a mole in the SSSP, considering how Bemular is aware of everything Shinjiro does.
  • They have been selling people for food for certain aliens
    • Their customers are unknown as Jack stated the alien who would buy possibly by these people for food (I feel wrong just typing this), wouldn't need them
    • Adacic got his victims from them before he went hunting on his own.
    • There is something about the bar codes on the back of their necks


Bemular (I read the official  English version, it's Bemular) is a real mystery.

  • It is now clear that he wanted Shinjiro to become Ultraman, given that he could've easily defeated Shin
  • Yet prior to this, he was causing trouble and trying to stop Earth from joining the Cluster/Universal Council.
  • He desires for Endo to solve his case
  • He helped/protected Adad (spoiler alert) who was an agent of the council, on a mission ordained by them, against Shinjiro and Moroboshi
  • He is clearly being helped/taking orders from someone.

At first it would seem that his goal is to prevent Earth from joining the Galactic Community, yet then he attacks Shinjiro on the grounds that his existence is a danger to Earth. Then we find out that he actually wanted Shinjiro to become Ultraman and worked to protect/assist an Agent of the same organization he tried to prevent Earth from joining, granted said agent is described as untrustworthy, There is still the question of the plane he attacked, why, was that a random act of violence. We know he caused trouble, but then it is also implied that Seiji's limbs were lost in a plane crash, that seems too suspiscious.

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