I have recently found this page, it is a post on the ULTRAMAN Manga's Japanese official website. It talks about manga coming out in English, which was previously stated to have been picked up by Crunchyroll.

Now what does this mean for the Manga?

1) I would expect that the people doing the English Translations for the ULTRAMAN Manga will have moved on to other projects (hopefully the Gomora Manga). I have no idea what they are doing though, this is all just speculation, so don't go saying 'SolZen' said this.

2) From what I gathered from the news on the Crunchyroll Website, Crunchyroll will have English versions of manga on their website. Again, speculation, but I am fairly certain about this.

3) It's official, its spelt Specium not Spacium.

4) It's coming out August 18th 2015 (Volume 1) at San Diego Comic-Con

Finally, I would like the guys who were doing the English translations, since without them we would have been at a lost about the manga, for a good long time.

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