Hye guys, as I was just writting Episode 11 for Ultraman Orion, I realized I hadn't done an update blog in a very long time.

For those who forget/don't know it's my fan fiction series over on Ultra Fan Wiki.

So here's the news...

Series Finale

With Episode 11 done, there is just one more episode before the series multi part finale. That's when everything came to a close for Orion and Zoe (the main antagonist) and the secrets of King are revealed.

Orion Specials

There are also some specials for Orion I have planned after the Darkness War special. There is Ultrawoman Diana, the story of Orion's daughter but before that I have Ultraman Orion versus Ultraman Kaizer, a special/move about the secrets of the series not revealed in the episodes.

There is also the Orion Gaiden, part 3 which finishes the story of Orion's backstory and his time in the Machine War, which is also due to be finished soon.

Other News

The Ultraman Orion, Gamma and Sorta special was also finished.

We also have the first episode of the Ultra Fan Mashup series at episode 2, all the Fan Ultras at the time brought together into one series.


As for the links here they are...

So in short, happy new years everyone and enjoy!

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