Hey guys SolZen here, so for those followers of the Ultra Fan Wiki fan fictions, you should know the latest news and for those that don't here some other things.

The two most popular (at their time) and perhaps oldest of series on the site, Ultraman Orion and Moedari are over, they have officially finished their stories. Give them a read, when you have the time. My series Orion, I'm told, leans onto the darker side and has some of the best actions scenes. Moedari and this is my opinion, has wonderful comdey and leans into the realm of cosmic epic, though it may blow some minds if you're not ready, so be careful, coming to the end.

In the meantime I am working on, Mythic Theater, Ultraman Myth, the Orion Movie, and the Super Robot Fan Event (go to the fan wiki to find out)

All in all, I hope you guys all enjoy. There's other stuff on the Wiki you may like, so don't be a stranger and remeber; Keep the Light of Ultra in your Heart! (I'm trying to do a catchphrase for these blogs/news/editorials, any ideas?)

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