So from what I have found on a facebook page, Ultraman Victory's stats are as such

Height: Micro/o~Infinity

Weight: o~Infinity

Time Limit: Three Minutes

Basically the same as Ginga's if this correct (and it most likely is given the series), they appearantly got it from a magazine.

What is most interesting is this

Victory Powers Scan

Appearantly, when his host uses a Spark doll while they are in Ultra Form Victory can use the powers of the Spark doll as opposed to switching out.

Now while this is interesting of itself, it also means that the Spark Dolls are coming back, which makes one aske, what happened?

The Spark Dolls were originally those Ultras, Aliens and Kaiju cursed by Dark Lugiel and his Darkness Spark, both of which have been destroyed and the curse lifted, which when you think about it means they all went back to their war...but the appearance of Tiga and Ultraman dolls to fight Alien Magma and Zetton means that either not all of them have been freed like we thought, the Dark Spark War is over and/or a new evil has appeared (please don't be a revived Dark Lugiel).

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