Sup guys, this is just a little rant.

So I'm watching Ultraseven, the original series and I'm watching the Episode with Alien Borg and I noticed something, something that always annoyed me. Why are the members of the Attack stupid.

Now hear me, out in said episode, a friend of Soga is kidnapped, his fiance is found unconscious and there was a search for him. His friend, who works at the instituion devoted to planetary security from invasion. Who then reappears out of the blue, as nothing to say to his best friend and just takes of to work. Yet it is only Dan himself who notices that 'he looks dead'. I mean I've literally seen corpses with more emotion on this guy's face and no but Dan is suspiscious of anything. This is also not the first time,

In the Episode with Alien Iyros took Furahasi and Amagi (I think) hostage and sent clones of them back. After they disappeared and they came back showing no emotion at all. Only Dan and the captain's friend, an Ace pIlot noticed their odd behavior.

It's not that their sudden lack of emotion alone should've ticked them off, but that the circumstances of their disappearances and reappearances should've logically, with their sudden lack of emotion, raised more than just one set of eyebrows.

The worst case I could think of this Ultraman Jack. Almost every episode I watched Goh warned the others of a monster, only he can sense, has a gut feeling to, etc they don't believe him and when he goes to prove himself he runs the risk of being expelled. Exactly why they didn't learn to stop questioning his instincts and senses and listen to him, annoys me to this day.

As far as I know, this is something from the showa era and it seems to be a trope just there to make the main character look smarter at the expense of the rest of the team. Thankfully it seems to have ended with the showa era. The last instance of this that I can think of was in Ultra Galaxy and it was played for laughs.

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