Now I am writting this blog because many times have I seen posts in the Trivia sections that do not really qualify as trivia. I'm not sure I can blame anyone because after all, what is trivia...? Words change, both in use and meaning and a language just a set of words and meanings agreed upon. So here in this blog I am going to explain what Trivia means on this wiki

Trivia is any sort of information that does not directly have value to the plot, it is often background information that most viewers would not notice are be made aware of. Information that the viewer can easily realise from looking through the site, direct information that they can easily pick up is not trivia.


Ultraman Zero is the first Ultra with two Eye Slugers. Firstly... the correct term would be crest weapons since Eye Slugger is the name of Seven's weapon the same way some swords have names. Secondly, Zero is the only Ultra with two crest weapons at the time of this posting, one can easily come to that conclusion


'Despite being the most cowardly Ultra Hero, Zearth is arguable one of the strong... he defeated a Kaiju and an alien by himself' How is that different...? It is a thin line sure, but that is something that may be overlooked since Zearth is often played up as an idiot or coward, sometimes both. his situation is that while it is obvious, it is often overlooked. A better example...

"Zearth is the first Ultra to open his mouth..." Zearth is the only Ultra to open his mouth, but that's not something that is directly obvious abot that Ultra.

Basically Trivia, is something that is overlooked, easily forgotten, or something viewers would not normally pick up on. If it is painfully obvious, no matter how small it is, it's not trivia. If it is small, easily forgotten or something most people would not notice on a first viewing, or something from a magazine or other trustworthy source then you can call it Trivia.

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