I ask this question, not so people can answer it, but so people will listen.

There is a category, called Blue Ultras. If you check it, it will say 'This is not an invitation to create a Red Ultras Category'. Now minutes before writting this blog, somone, a new user, tried to add Red Ultras, to its Category. I have not blocked them because they were clearly trying to make another page, not vandalize that page. Or so I hope, though I have my serious doubts.

Now what is a Categor? It is an add on to a page, that links it to other pages with the same Category.

Now, why do we have Categories, what is their purpose? Simple, organization. Categories exist to make finding other pages easier, for knowing the similarities between certain pages and their topics.

Blue Ultras are for Ultras whose default/natural form, is blue. There reason, people were told not to create a Red Ultras category, is because that would be about 90% of ALL Ultras. Take note, I'm being lax with that number. A Red UIltras category would be redundant, and obviously would only be used by people wanting points for the Medal System.

People please, trust me, the medals begin to loose their appeal very quickly and if they don't I really think you're spending too much time on this website, in the name of health and sanity reasons. Think about what I just said.

A new category has to follow certain rules to be considered appropriate by us Administrators, or we will remove it.

  1. It makes sense: The Category must have some relevant context to the series, one that does not step into the realm of trivia. 40M+ Ultras, is trivia, the height of an Ultra is hardly ever relevant. Ultraman Ginga Kaiju, is for Kaiju, Seijin, Kaijin etc that appeared in the Ultraman Ginga series. For obvious reasons, Ultras never fall under such a category.
  2. It is not Redundant: Red Ultras, is redundant, thanks to simply Ultras. Basically Red Ultras, would just be Ultras minus a select few Ultras
  3. It is not Insulting: Any slur, curse word or other vile comment used as a Category, will be immediately treated as Vandalism and earn the user responsible a banning.

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