I'm making this blog in response to the Female Kaiju category, which some users don't fully seem to understand how to use.

Aside from the Ultraman (Inser name Here) Kaiju, categories, Kaiju categories are there to categorize Kaiju based on shared characteristics. For example, Ice Kaiju, is for Kaiju with Ice related powers, Acid Kaiju is for kaiju that can spit Acid. So what is Female Kaiju for? Following the logic, putting 'Female Kaiju on Kaiju pages like Red King, is like saying all of them were female. Do you see my problem?

Then there are the Seijin, who generally, the only Category they share is Kaiju is the Aliens category. Also, they are more characters than Kaiju and so I believe female characters is more appropriate for female aliens

Parent and Child pairing are one thing, it's two or a group of individual Kaiju. However, I suspect that several of the Kaiju put into this category are supposed to be fathers and they have been typecasted because when we think parent and child, we naturally assume a mother. Insectus also works because it's just the male and the female and similar other cases.

Categories are suppose to accurately represent the topics of the pages they are on. Putting Female on a page with several generations because one instance has a female, implies the whole race is feminine.

Also I personally think Tini Baltan and Dark Baltan and the one from Cosmos, should get their own pages as, they do somewhat have names that seperate them from the others and they do have their own unique stories.

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