Hey guys Sol, here and I've got a question for all you Users, registered and anonymous. Who is your favorite protagonist from the Ultra Series. Not just the Ultra, but also, or even the Human Host.

Currently...I can no longer chose, and it's all because of Orb, or to be more specific guy. For the longest time, my favorite Ultra Hero was Jun Himeya, the first Ultraman Nexus.


Jun was my favorite because he was basically every suffering protagonist that so many authors want to right...but actually done right. As wounded as he was, he wasn't brooding loner...okay he did brood but never to the point of being cartoonish, and it was done more respectfully as someone in emotional pain. He was also heroic, despite the darkness in his past, it only spurred him on to be heroic. His stoic demeanor could spout one liners that would sound stereotypical, or even comic book like, but they never felt out of place in Nexus' dark tone. This is because Himeya was never a parody. Himeya was a character you felt pity for and admiration at the same time and I personally feel he coud've carried the entire show, down to Zagi. He was also wise and I personally felt he captured the essence of the 'Strength of Ultraman'. Himeya final battle was such a fist pumping experience, when he got up, and when he was recharged, and when he left, I was sad, I know he earned his peace, but still.


...Gai Kuranai is so much fun. Seriously, he is. I love that part about him, that he can this serious, cool, loner, but isn't uptight, that he can't be the source of comedy. Alot of Himeya's character appears in Gai's. Like him, he's a hero suffering from a dark past, he also had dilemmas to deal with in the present. Other Ultra Heroes have made mistakes, but those usually get resolved in the next episodes, with Gai, the consequences of those mistakes make up entire story arcs.

Like Jun, you also felt the weight of his loss, and when he was able to move past it you felt so happy for him. Gai was also something of the big brother figure when you stop and think about it, spouting wisdom and encouraging the other characters as Jun did to Komon.

In truth, there are a lot of similarities between Gai and Jun.

Final Thoughts

I find that my favorite protagonists tend to be those who are both the human form/host and the mind of the Ultra when transformed. This includes Daigo/Tiga, Gamu/Gaia, Fujimiya/Agul, Dan/Seven, maybe because I find that characterization doesn't end when the transformation sequence starts or vice versa, but that's just me. Who is your favorite hero, host, Ultra, human form, or host/Ultra combination?

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