Hey guys, by now all of you should know about my Wiki Super Robot Fanon Wiki, it's a fan fiction site devoted to Super Robots. What are Super Robots, they are basically Super Hero robots, from Megaman and Atom Boy, to Gundam, Mazinger.Mazinkaiser and Tetsujin No 28(Props to you if you know who that is). There have been several examples of Super Robots in Tokusatsu, Red Baron (Who inspired another Super Robot, Big O), which starred the actor who played the main character in Mirrorman. Jumborg 9 and Ace and their modern counterparts, Jeab Bot and Ace are also Super Robots.

To get back on point, I am making a Transformers based series called Super Robot Academy and I want some help with characters. To make it as simple as possible, determine if your character is a good or bad robot, their basic personality and their alternate mode(s). You can add in anything you want about them. 

If you have trouble making up a character, just think about what you would want to turn into if you were a transformer.

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