Hey guys SolZen here, today I want to talk about something I've seen for a long time that has annoyed me.

On many Kaiju pages, especially those that have survived an Ultra Beam, in the Abilities section, there is listed 'Thick Skin' as the power that allows them to survive Ultra Beams.

This is wrong. Here is why, if you go to the Ultra Beam page, it will say, that in Mebius, it was made clear that Ultra Beams, cause the molecules of what they hit to come apart, i.e. they don't blow up anything, they make what they hit explode like a bomb. This ironically seen best in Ultraman The Next/Nexus, where the Elbow Ray, Over Ray Storm and other finishers of Junis Blue, turned the target into blue particles, because they have been reduced to just particles.

So, thinking about it, thick skin, doesn't actually make a monster immune or able to survive an Ultra Beam. The nature of Ultra Beams would by pass such defenses. It is more appropriate to say, such monsters have beam resistance, or special hides, but thick skin, just doesn't make any sense as to why a single Ultra Beam doesn't kill them.

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