This blog post is about a/an template in the Ultraman Wiki

Many of our pages contain the {{ArticleUltra}}, {{ArticleUltraman}}, {{ArticleSeven}}, and related templates. These produce a big bar on the top of the page saying "This article is about a/an ((x)) from ((show x))". This is one of the templates we've inherited from the toku hub. I personally dislike it, but will give the reasons we have it first.

  • It tells you what the article is about.
  • It makes managing categories easier somehow. I.E. Template:ArticleAce adds the category "Ultraman Ace," which can be changed by simply editing the template. However, renaming categories is possible, so while editing the template won't clog up Special:WikiActivity, it is not needed.
  • There's the cute ultra chest design on the template.

Now for the reasons I dislike it.

  • While the design is fairly decent, it adds unneeded clutter to the page.
  • the a/an thing really bothers me for some reason. It just looks lazy.
  • the template itself is redundant.

Why is it redundant? Take a look at the image below:


Right at the top of the page, it says "Arstron (アーストロン Aāsutoron?), or Earthron, is a kaiju that first appeared in the TV series, The Return Of Ultraman, in episode 1." (underlining added)

If it says what the article is about slap-bang at the top of the page, why is that huge silver sign needed? It doesn't look terrible, but it certainly sticks out like a sore thumb, drawing the eye away from the actual content. Whether or not the templates should go is up for discussion. And honestly. they were never really a part of our pages. They generally only appeared on series pages until recently.

To add or not to add, that is the question.

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