I've been working on the episode pages for a while, but now that Mebius, Max, Leo, and 80 are all on Crunchyroll, it shouldn't be too hard for everyone to do a little bit. I'm not asking anyone to summarize an entire episode. All I want is for everyone to know what needs to be done.

Episode Guides

The guides should be on pages at {series name (series)/Episodes}. They're here to give a basic look at what the episode is about. Each episode should have under it the summary and any kaiju that appear in it. For an example, look at Ultraman Max (series)/Episodes.

The summary is a brief overview of the episode's plot. It shouldn't be more than two or three sentences long. It goes on both the episode page and the guide page.

The synopsis is an overview of the events of the episode. It should give a more detailed look, but should not include extra information. Only parts important to the plot need be included. Putting to much is unprofessional and a sign of poor writing. Too little will not suffice. There needs to be a balance.

I'm putting this out here because episodes are the next step. We've got information on most kaiju, so now we should also document the episodes. The guide pages are probably the only ones online in the English language (for now). If anyone can merely add a small summery section an episode page after watching some Ultraman, it would be a big help.

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