I've noticed several people recently have been confused about our differences from wikis such as w:c:kamenrider and w:c:powerrangers. Because of this, I'm explaining many of the ways (and reasons) we work differently. We are not part of the Toku Hub, a collection of wikis about tokusatsu. Many of those wikias are great resources, but what works for them doesn't necessarily work for us.

1. More Community Focus

This wiki is a democracy. Every user can have a say in many of the major changes we make (although if you want to change something, you should make a blog post.) In case you haven't noticed, there are comments at the bottom of most articles, which the T.H. wikis don't have. In those comments, and on our forums, you can talk about the giant superhero, what you like, what you dislike, and what you hope for. (Keep that out of the articles, please!)

Here, the admins are far more willing to talk to a user before banning them to try to reach an agreement. (Bans do get handed out, however, and we don't tolerate vandalism!) Even those who don't know English well can contribute, and there are members who regularly go around correcting the less... grammatically perfect pages.

2. Differences In Article Layout

While the layout of the articles is similar to those used all over wikia, it is not the same as that of the Toku Hub. Do not change pages to make them look like they were from the Kamen Rider or Power Rangers/Super Sentai wikis. If you think our article layout should be changed, make a blog post, and the community will consider it. What you see on most pages is how most pages should look. When editing a kaiju page, it should look like one of our average kaiju pages..

Which brings us to another item: we use Japanese terms far more than "The Other Wikia" (to borrow a slightly modified term from TV tropes) does. We use the kaiju and seijin terms to refer to monsters and sentient aliens, while the Other Wikia does not. What you see as the norm here, keep as the norm here. (Unless it's bad grammar).

This is but a brief overview, but now I hope you get the message. We don't work the same way.

Stephan222 (talk) 04:02, February 6, 2015 (UTC)

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