On pages where using the visual editor ruins the formatting, we have to place a notice to warn editors. Until now we've used the Red Alert template with text, but I've made a template specifically for this purpose, Template:Novisualeditor.

Red-warning-triangle-white-exclamation-mark We're sorry, but this page is incompatible with the Visual Editor. Please edit with the text-based editor instead. Thank you for working with us.

It works better than the old one for several reasons.

  • It links to the text-based editor, as some users may not know how to use it instead of the Visual system. (The option is rather hidden.)
  • It has a less intimidating look, and fits the theme of the wiki better, making it look less intrusive on pages.
  • It makes adding the notification easier, since all one needs to do is type {{Novisualeditor}} in the source to add it to a page.

I've put it on a few pages to test it out, namely Juda, Ultraman X (character), Xio (Xeno Invasion Outcutters), and Dinozaur. Tell me what you think, and whether we should make this change universal.

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