Ultraseven still remains the most highly rated ultra series, and is one of the most highly praised in general. Its often looked to as one of the ideal definitions of what tokusatsu should be. I'm glad that it's been released on Shout! Factory, even though I wish it was a Tsuburaya Productions sponsored release, but this has allowed me to watch it in full.

In short? It is powerfully moving and complex, but at the same time simple. It's darker than Ultraman, and the hero is often faced with complex moral dilemmas and mature situations. Many episodes are atmospheric and moody, foreboding or even downright terrifying.

But the series never forgets the children among its audience, and this is where its strength lies. It is dark and yet bright, it is foreboding and yet hopeful, it is complex yet simple enough for children to understand. The two tonal extremities are balanced nigh-perfectly.

IMO, Seven does a much better job at this than the other darker ultra series. Unlike Nexus and Seven X it does not forget it is tokusatsu, aimed primarily at children, but unlike Taro it is not so childish as to alienate the adult viewers, while at the same time providing a far more balanced tone than, say, Leo's chaotic tonal dissonance, where one episode would be about a monster running away from school and the next would be about Leo defending his "brother" from the Ultra Brothers themselves.

Not only does it present appealing conflicts for all ages, but Seven also has an engaging cast. Dan Moroboshi/Ultraseven is both cute, relatable, appealing, and easily one of the best ultras/hosts the franchise has given us.Anne Yuri, his love interest, while obviously a female character of the time, is treated well and their relationship is written with astounding skill.

Seven is presented with many realistic (for the genre) challenges, and there is not a boring episode in the series. Charming and foreboding, this series will be enjoyable, not only to those who love some cheesy, 60's, building-smashing goodness, but also to those who watch tokusatsu for deeper and mature plots, and an irresistible treasure for those who watch for both.

Seven easily earns an A.

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