The Ultra Seven titlecard

Shout! Factory just released Ultraseven and Ultra Q for streaming! You can find the respective series here and here. This makes these two, one the original entry into the Ultra Series, and the other the most popular ultra show ever to air, freely available to fans in the United States! Fourth of July present, I guess.

As for those in other countries, you can use a VPN such as Hola. It's easy!

I've added a section to template:Episode which adds a |shout! parameter. To use it, you only need to add one line of code to the template. For instance, on the page for The Stolen Ultra Eye:

|shout! =

Off course, for other episodes, replace "" with the url of the episode in question.


the parameter at work

It should be noted, however, that Shout! Factory got the licences from Chaiyo. The subs themselves aren't very good, but they're passable for getting newcomers into ultraman. I would not feel guilty about downloading them off a site like should someone rip them, however.

Despite this, it is best to support the official release even if it is technically bootlegged. Thus I added it to the template and will soon add it to template:Series.

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