While Ultraman is usually a fairly tame show, it does contain "triggers," particularly in the Showa era. Instead of shouting out "THIS IS AN ADULT SERIES VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED" like the Toku Hub, I've come up with a simple tag system for episode guides. These will show a little warning next to the name, and link to an explanation page I've yet to create. I'll create the templates later, but I've already got most of the tags designed:


Tag Explanations


BLOOD The red and white blood tag means a little blood, such as facial wounds which are comparatively common.


ALCOHOL The blue and white alcohol tag means there is drinking in the episode. I'm not sure whether depictions of drunkenness count.

Severe blood

SEVERE BLOOD The severe blood tag is for borderline gore/more blood than a simple makeup job. For instance, Alien Metron getting sliced in half by Ace with bloody meat falling out.


DEATH This tag is for death/dead bodies onscreen, such as almost every episode of Leo ever.

Character Death

CHARACTER DEATH This tag is for episodes which show recurring character death, such as those episodes of Return of Ultraman and Nexus, or the Leo episode. You know which one I'm talking about.


VIOLENCE This tag is for episodes which show violence commited against humans more than the usual monster rampage. *glares loudly at Leo*


SMOKING This tag is for episodes which show smoking. Not many after Tiga.

I'm aware there are other triggers out there, and would like any suggestions. What do you think?

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