If you don't live in Asia, X is simulcasting for you on Crunchyroll at At lot of people have been watching the ripped episodes freely on Dailymotion or downloading the torrents. (torrents are also available for some of the other series.)

You do need to wait a week for each episode, but watch it again once it airs. Watch Mebius, Max, 80, and Leo on Crunchyroll if they are in your region. Give them views. Even if you are watching for free, your views give Tsuburaya money.

As you know, TsuPro has been in financial trouble and are slowly recovering. Even in the West, we can help them by watching on Crunchyroll. Don't just pirate if you want to support the franchise.

P.S: the Shout! Factory releases are by Chaiyo, so you don't need to watch those legally :P

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