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Ultraman Mebius
Ultraman Mebius is the 19th entry in the Ultra Series
Ultrmn Mbs ttl crd
Format: Tokusatsu, Science fiction
Created by: Tsuburaya Productions
Starring: Shunji Igarashi, Masaki Nishina, Ai Saikawa, Daisuke Watanabe, Kenta Uchino, Misato Hirata, Minoru Tanaka
Opening Theme: Ultraman Mebius
Ending Theme: N/A
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Episodes 50 + 7 Gaiden
Running Time 25 mins
Original Channel Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (JPN)
Indosiar (ID)
Jei Tv (KO)
Sonic Nickelodeon (IND)
Original Air Date April 8, 2006
Preceded by Ultraman Max
Succeeded by Ultraseven X
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I'm working on a new template for series pages, and while I'm not done, I just want to point it out and ask everybody's opinion. No parameters are changed, so it won't break pages.

Changes already liveEdit

  • Hulu/Crunchyroll, now right from the series infobox.
  • Larger, more readable font, only partially out. This makes it up to date in the latest web trends and increases readability/usability.

Changes in testing, which we may or may not addEdit

  • A tabber: this template can go on both series pages and episode guides, making the pages less cluttered by eliminating the need for a separate tabber.
  • Better title: the font is now enlarged instead of being bold/italic, which improves readability while allowing it to stand out.
  • More readable font, may require custom CSS. (I was thinking something like Exo 2 Medium.)
  • There is now a section which will say which entry in the series it is, and the number, thereby completely eliminating the need for an "ArticleUltra" like template.
  • I might add an expandable parameter for gaidens and films. This will include #if.

Any suggestions, comments or criticism welcome.

Update AEdit

The prototype is currently being testing at Ultraman Max (series)/Episodes and Ultraman Max (series).