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    Who is Ultraman Legend?

    February 4, 2017 by Teridax122

    Fist of shout out to the YouTube channel Ultraman Explained who's new video BIO | Ultraman Cosmos | ULTRAMANEXPLAINED made me think something; was Ultraman Legend just a new character who was made up on the spot by the fusion of Cosmos and Justice, like Saga and GingaVictory? If so why did the Alien Gyashi recognize Legend? They refereed to him as a god of the universe, and the strongest warrior in existence. How could they possibly know who Legend is unless he had appeared before? Even Delaxion (the Universal Justice) refers to Legend as some one they know and respect. So have Cosmos and Justice teamed up before during their time in space, or could it be that Legend is the original being that was separated by Cosmos's and Justice's confli…

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  • Teridax122

    So Titanollante just informed me that Kaijupedia (Godzilla wiki) is being abandoned and all of it's content is being moved to a new Wikizilla , created with the wiki media engine. We are still affiliated with each other, but we now have to change the links we have here to their new site, and of coarse now longer link to Kaijupedia.

    The admins and users of Kaijupedia have planed for this transition for a while and all the recent changes made to the Kaijupedia was to make it look inferior to the new site.

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  • Teridax122

    Gaia misconceptions

    March 14, 2016 by Teridax122

    Oh boy, were in trouble. So now after being finally able to watch Ultraman Gaia in full, I now see that we have had some major misconceptions about what was going on.

    The first one that I can think of now, being that I got early and am not quite awake yet, is that Zogu is not the Radical Destruction Bringer but rather just another one of the agents of them. The reason why she makes her entrance by destroying a group of Kaiser Doboshi and then restoring the Ultra Crusaders' energy was to at first make mankind think that she was on their side, only to then crush their spirit's by defeating the to heroes and showing off her strength. So that means the Radical Destruction Bringer, or the Root of Destruction as we have called it, hasn't been defea…

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  • Teridax122

    This is a where I would like users to put Magazine scans that look like they might have information that we need, and then if you are a user that is fluent in Japanese please translate the page in a comment below.

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  • Teridax122
    Okay so a wikia contributor just made Rei's Litra, and we aren't going to delete it until there the wikia community comes to a definite decision. I'm going to provide a group of paragraphs in the defense for keeping the Rei's Litra page, and more.

    Now regarding not just Battle Nizer kaiju, but any kaiju, and also seijin (because let's face it if a certain Gomora get's it's own page, an alien can't be that far behind), that could be considered as a character, like how Toto(Wizard of Oz) is recognized even though he is just a dog, e.g for the Ultra Series, the Pigmon from Ultraman Zero, he became Ultimate Force Zero's unofficial mascot, and Zero also named him Moroboshi.

    But then there's the question if we really need to give individual pages …

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