Oh boy, were in trouble. So now after being finally able to watch Ultraman Gaia in full, I now see that we have had some major misconceptions about what was going on.

The first one that I can think of now, being that I got early and am not quite awake yet, is that Zogu is not the Radical Destruction Bringer but rather just another one of the agents of them. The reason why she makes her entrance by destroying a group of Kaiser Doboshi and then restoring the Ultra Crusaders' energy was to at first make mankind think that she was on their side, only to then crush their spirit's by defeating the to heroes and showing off her strength. So that means the Radical Destruction Bringer, or the Root of Destruction as we have called it, hasn't been defeated yet. And then in Gaia Once Again, Gakuzom was just the Radical Destruction Bringer's next agent. Further more it's actually unknown what the Radical Destruction Bringer is, as it's never reviled in show, the RDB could be a single entity or a group of entities that want to destroy the Earth, although Shinigami does actually refer to the RDB as his "Master".

Or other misconceptions involve some of the stand alone enemies, for example the Mezards (who work for the RDB) were the ones who corrupted the Crisis computer, and also in turn responsible for Hiroya turning his back on humanity.

And then there's Bizorm and Satanbizo but I'm to tired to talk in depth about that and the rest that we goofed on. But I don't want any one to think that we've done a bad job by making these mistakes, we only did what we could based on our limited resources, but now that Crunchyroll has the whole series subbed we can do better.

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