Human disguise
This blog is to discuss about moving the human hosts and forms to a section on their respective Ultra's pages. Now while this might be necessary, I feel the need to talk about why we might not want to delete the human pages, or at least not the human hosts. Now the character of Shin Hayata in the original show was in a coma at the beginning of the series, and the only time when we ever meet him is at the very beginning of the first episode and at the very end of the last episode, and even then we didn't meet him because it wasn't enough time to get to know what type of guy he was, while we spent the whole show meeting and knowing Ultraman masquerading as Hayata while the real Hayata slept and was recovering from his coma. And it's never made clear to me if Hayata ever knows that he is merged Ultraman. Then there's Dan Moroboshi who is Ultraseven with a human disguise, so when we meet Dan we meet the real Ultraseven, Dan is just another face of Seven's. So both the Shin and Dan that we meet are the Ultras, so maybe both of their pages should be deleted and mixed in to their Ultra's pages. But then there is Hideki Goh, Seiji Hokuto & Yuko Minami, and Kyotaro Kagami, all of them were human hosts and they knew that they had an Ultra with in them, Goh even talked with Jack a couple of times, so we get to know both the human and the ultra as two different characters with their own different personalities.

So I think that if the human disguise is also a human in general and not a form made by the ultra, then he/she should have his/her own individual page separate from the Ultra's, even if the host is like Hayata and was unconscious the whole time the Ultra used his body to stay on Earth. But if it is a human form made by the Ultra, it should be mixed in to the Ultra's page in the manner that is represented in the picture above. If the Ultra has had both a human form and host than I the section about the disguise should be renamed to simply "Human disguise" listing the names of the humans that the Ultra created/merged with.

Shin Hayata

He is a host

Dan Moroboshi

He is a form

So with tall that said, please share your own thoughts in the comments below, and we'll discuss what is the best way to treat the human disguises.

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