Alright so we're having some problem, or better yet disagreements about how to use form tabs. So here's how my idea will work.

How to tell it's the first form

When the monster looks the same as it first did then it's not a new form, so if it has new powers, then we're supposed to assume that the first monster also has those powers. If the Monster is given new abilities by an Alien or something but its appearance doesn't change (like with monsarger), then it's still the same form. Also if the height or weight change but the monster still looks the same (example Gomess then add the changed stuff to the monster's stats.

So this mean if a monster appears for a 2nd time but has a new power and doesn't use one or two of it's old ones, don't make a new tab for it where every thing is the same except the new power and maybe the picture.

Form differences

If the monster looks different like this:


Ultrmn G Gn-Q

Then obviously it a different form, duh :/. but sometimes there is smaller differences such as this:

Golza galaxy I

Golza Ⅱ

They look almost the same but also some obvious differences so it qualifies as a different form, even this might qualify as a different form:


Gomora (D)

I'm not sure if it does but in show it was stated that there was differences but it was still the same species so I guess it is.


SO this is how we should use form tabs, alright? The only thing that is left over is how to use the names, for example Cherubim appeared twice in Mebius, but the 2nd wasn't part of new generation cause it looked exactly the same. Tsuburaya has mostly listed it's monsters as part of a generation when the monster looked different. There are some exceptions like the two Alien Baltans in Ultraman 80, but then again that might be because they're aliens, I don't know, but we have to draw some kind of line. In short if the monster looks the same as the first it's part of generation I but if it looks different then it's part of generation II. Okay that's it.

This whole issue is open to suggestions. My decision is not final.

Late update

We seem to have come to some unspoken agreement since I originally wrote this post. It looks like we agree that if a monster looks different(like a new generation) then we treat it as a different form. Teridax122 (talk) 06:13, July 19, 2015 (UTC)

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