Super Ultraman

Ultraman Taro as the first Super Ultraman in Ultraman Story

Alright, I should have said something before, but I for got, for a lond time, any way the Sacred Ultras isn't an official name, it should be split into these two categories;
  • Super Ultras: this qualifies for Ultras like Mebius who have another or more ultras light given to them to give them a stronger form (Infinity and Pheonix Brave), I'm not sure, but I think this might also qualify for Gaia SV.
  • Legendary Ultra: Yeah you know where this is going, Ultras like King and Noa, and of coarse Legend and Saga. enough said.

So, comment your oppinions, even though I don't think this really should be a question, I don't want to change what every might already be used to.

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