All Ultraman part 1

If you guessed these then you're awesome!

Okay peoplz, we have been using the pictures from the Ultraman Retsuden website for the Ultraman info-box pictures, then Yaoyao9 suggested using the Pictures from but they are copy righted, then I was browsing the Internet and found 4 magazine scans, and guess what the scans had on them. That's right the scans have the ultramen: Ultraman through Saga, the scans even had the ultra force in real life how cool is that!

So, do you guys want to use these pictures for the Ultramen's info-box picture? If you do just say so.

P.S I have only shown the 1st scan, the other three are still on my computer.

P.S.S I have all ready cut out the pictures for ultramen like Zoffy, Tiga, Cosmos and ect. who we can't find pictures with white backgrounds for, but if you still want to use these pictures for every ultraman, okay.

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