Okay I just browsing Google and found a pic of Astra and Leo, nothing we didn't have but I click on it any way hoping the site it came from would more awesome pics. Oh boy did it ever, I even found promotional art work for ultras from the official Ultraman mangas, this includes pictures of the manga version of Seven's Superior. But the catch is it's all in Chinese, and when I try to use Google translate the whole thing gets messed up and there's to much to translate bit by bit to be done anu time soon, or next year... So I mad this blog post to ask for, well, help.


Yes this is an official Ultrawoman from the manga, a cute one too!

Oh and as the title of this blog post suggests it would help if one of ours knew Chinese, and yes the site is China ver. of Yahoo! And just to encourage you to help, I hope my mystery lady friend can persuade you. heehee

Here's the link to the site

Here's a new link

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