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So, as most of you know, when we make an Ultraman or monster page and we add information such as where their home or place of origin is, and we also try to add what universe in the Ultra Series is the one they come from, e.g. if a kaiju appeared in Ultraman - 80 (except Joneus) we say that the universe they come from is the "Showa Universe", or if a kaiju comes from Tiga or Dyna then we say that they came from the "Tiga Universe".

We also have have some timeline pages that are named after this method of classification. But I think that we need more grounded name for the different universes in the Ultra Series, and while looking at the Japanese Wikipedia I learned that they call what we know as the "Showa Universe" as the "Nebula M78 Universe", and I think that we should actually do so too.

Now this also means that we'd have to change the names of the (Ultra) Q universe, Joneus universe, Tiga universe, Gaia universe, Nexus universe, Cosmos universe, and Ginga universe. I have an idea for what to call Joneus', Tiga's and Gaia's universes;

  • Joneus = simply U40
  • Tiga = Giants of Light
  • Gaia = Guardians of the Earth

This only a suggestion, so it's up for discussion, and this is not something that needs to be effective immediately, but please help out in suggesting what to name the other Ultra Series universes should be.

Let me know if you think this is a good idea.

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2016 note

So while we have names for almost all the different Timelines, we still need one for Cosmos, I was thinking that we should name it after Ultraman Legend, but maybe some of you got a better idea. I'd like to here if you do so please leave one in the comments.

Let me know if you like naming it after Ultraman Legend idea.

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